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Assess your likelihood of a reduction to your Social Security benefits for FREE today with the Social Security Risk Score!

Determine Level of Risk

The Social Security Risk Score is a personalized assessment that calculates your likelihood of a benefit reduction.

Analyze Your Retirement Plan

The Social Security Risk Score provides a personalized report that identifies potential impacts to your retirement plan.

Identify Ways to Mitigate Risk

Don't be surprised tomorrow by what you can plan for today. Contact your financial advisor for your Social Security Risk Score.

Did You Know?

The Social Security Administration has disclosed that future reductions to Social Security benefits are possible, if not probable.

By 2033, the payroll taxes collected will only be enough to pay 77% of scheduled benefits. Consequently, every American faces the risk that their promised Social Security benefits may be cut by 23% in 2033.

Are your promised benefits at risk?

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How You Could be Affected

Means-Test Benefits

10 Million+ Retirees paying higher Part B Premiums by 2030. Widespread implementation during the Pandemic.

Raise Full Retirement Age

The last time the Trust Fund faced insolvency, Congress chose to increase the Full Retirement Age, reducing benefits at earlier ages.

Reduce Overall Benefits

Younger generations accept higher tax rates combined with partial benefit reductions for older generations.

Get Your Social Security Risk Score

Calculate Your Likelihood of a Reduction

Complete a FREE assessment to determine your level of risk.

Get Insights on Your Unique Situation

Identify and analyze potential impacts to your retirement plan.

Learn Strategies to Mitigate Your Risk

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Social Security Risk Score Report

Social Security Risk Score Report
Your Social Security Risk Score

Compare your Social Security Risk Score to other peers your age.

Your Social Security Risk Score Factors

Understand how your finances, voting power, and life expectancy affect your Social Security Risk Score.

How Much Could You Lose?

See how important Social Security is to your retirement income and estimate your lifetime benefits at risk.

Take Action with Your Financial Advisor

Make a choice: leave the success of your retirement in the hands of the government or take action to protect your financial future today.

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